ISRAEL, DAVID & THE KINGDOMS, Obedience and Rebellion

Follow the Chosen People as they enter the Promised Land of Israel. Meet Moses’ right hand man Joshua, King David, a man ‘after God’s own heart’, as well as Samuel, Ruth,  prophets, priests and kings. We also meet villains like Jezebel, Manassah, and General Sisera. Along the way we will review the rich history of Israel as they learn what it means to be God’s People. You will not be bored as you follow this adventure in holiness and nation building.

This study will be available in four different options.

DVD/CD Bible Studies
• 22 DVDs or 22 CDs containing individual class lectures
• 1 Data CD containing administrative setup materials, and study questions

DVD/CD Lectures
• 22 DVDs or 22 CDs containing individual class lectures

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