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Angels: Heavenly Witness

Angels: Heavenly Witness

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    Angels have been a subject of fascination for millennia. Join us as we examine our Catholic Christian beliefs about them. We know from the Scriptures and Tradition that: they are pure spirit messengers between an awesome holy God and humanity they are agents of God in the world overseeing nations and leaders they stand before the Throne; they are personal guardians they uphold the governance of the world and the universe.

    Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are known to us, but there are many more from whom we may draw inspiration.

    Topics covered include the Communion of Saints, the call to holiness, the springtime of new evangelization, and the lives of extraordinary yet ordinary men and women, the friends of God.

    Please note that the Audio CD and DVD presentations are not the same, though both are based on the same material.

    • 3 CDs or 1 DVD lecture filmed on a separate occasion


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