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Registration for the Cathedral of Christ the King, Lexington Thursday Morning Study 2020-21

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The Battle

St. John Paul II included spiritual warfare into the daily discipline of a disciple. St Paul pointed out that a cosmic war waged in the heavens is at the root of all our struggles and sufferings. There is a real battle being fought for our minds and our souls. What does this mean for us? Join us as we learn to overcome strongholds and truly live the final victory Jesus won for us on the Cross. Learn to rely on our Lord, all the angels and saints, and the Church, for the unfailing help needed to overcome the adversity. The Battle belongs to the Lord!

Our Gift to You


The Book of Judith

3 Week Mini Bible Study/Lecture


Beautiful and shrewd, Judith from the first is a picture of wisdom and strength. Alone, unarmed and in the most dire circumstances, she delivers her nation from disaster. Along the way we meet the elders of Israel, the invading army’s arrogant General Holophernes and Judith’s faithful maidservant. Topics include vigilance, personal holiness, divine protection and the rewards of faithfulness.


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Lecture Video available until Thursday evening, August 6.

Come experience a life changing journey

The Catholic Way Bible Study is easy and user friendly to implement in a parish or individual setting. Come experience a life changing journey through the Sacred Scriptures.


The Studies range from 22 – 25 lessons.
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Mini Bible

The Mini Studies range from 3 – 11 lessons.
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Presentations cover a variety of topics and range from 1 – 4 lectures.
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Bedrock of our Program

Three basic elements emerged that would prove to be the bedrock of the program:

How it Works

01. Home Study

Deepen corporate and personal worship and encourage daily Mass attendance and Eucharistic Adoration

How it Works

02. Group Discussion

Build relationships, promote spiritual growth, provide prayer support, encourage participation and foster community action

How it Works

03. Presentation

Promote a deeper understanding of the truth of Scripture, deepen one’s personal relationship with God and nurture growth in holiness

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One Minute Features

These spots were initially recorded for national radio campaigns. Each is a brief thumbnail sketch of a Gospel story or principle rendered in vivid, everyday language. See for yourself!

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We’re unfolding the word of God in a new, life-changing way. See how other’s lives are being transformed by Catholic Way Bible Study.

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Bible Studies

The Studies range from 22 – 25 lessons.

Mini Bible Studies

The Mini Studies range from 3 – 11 lessons.


The Lectures cover a variety of topics and range from 1 – 3 hours.