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In-depth, spirit-led study of the Bible can be life changing.

Join the many who have learned about God’s word through Catholic Way Bible Study. Easy to implement and full of practical pointers, CWBS will open new horizons in your individual life, small group or parish study group.

The Ministry’s Four Goals


Through evangelism, we reach those who seek, those who suffer, those who haven’t been reached, and those who have been faithfully attending church for many years.


Through catechesis, we seek to explain the truths of our Catholic faith and equip our members with apologetic tools to understand and give an account of what we believe.


Through formation, we lead our members in the Gospel’s lifelong call to personal holiness through prayer, the sacraments, study, and worship.


Through discipleship, we discover what it takes to be a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. As disciples, we can evangelize more effectively and draw nearer to our Lord.


A comprehensive study program.

CWBS combines daily Bible reading, study and weekly lessons with group discussion of questions followed by a wrap-up lecture, prayer and fellowship. The format is flexible and is adaptable to groups of any size or for personal enjoyment.

Bible Study packages include lectures on CD, DVD, or Digital Download formats. A Data CD includes administrative setup, daily questions, handouts, forms, and leader training. All resources on the Data CD can be downloaded and are printer friendly.

Watch this video where Lavinia Spirito introduces the Catholic Way Bible Studies in an interview with “This is the Day” for more information.

Our Mission

Exploring Scripture through the loving heart of the Church.

The fullness of our Christian faith is investigated through the tradition and teaching magisterium of the church, assisted by patristic and contemporary biblical scholarship. All seekers are welcome, regardless of religious denomination.

As members of the study, we pray with our brothers and sisters for their intentions. Prayer, both in our discussion groups and in our class settings, is essential to all that we do. We praise God through song and communal worship as well.

CWBS was formed through prayer and discernment in 1999 to address the need for in-depth Catholic Scripture study. This program is a response to the Holy Father’s call to a new evangelization. CWBS seeks to be guided by the Holy Spirit in full submission to the Roman Catholic Church.