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In the Old Testament, Joshua confronts the Israelites as they prepare to leave their life in the desert to enter the promised land.

He knows that the negative influences of Egypt and the surrounding Canaanite peoples are strong, so he gives them a choice: worship either the idols of the land, or the one true God who delivered them from the land of Egypt.

But why would the Israelites choose false idols over a God whose power they witnessed so clearly? Worshiping the God who performed so many clear signs seems like the obvious choice, right?

Joshua knew that the lures of the world had already blurred their vision. Sound familiar?

We too are pressured to fit in for the sake of success in this world.

Joshua did not waver. He said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Which God would you choose today; the gods of the land or the one true God?