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·      Lavinia Spirida and Mary Lou Nemechek introduce the topic of Eucharistic miracles and their discussion.

Eucharistic Miracles:

1.   Lanciano Miracle (750 A.D., Italy):

·      Describes the original Eucharistic miracle in Lanciano, Italy, where the Eucharist transformed into flesh and blood during Mass.

·      Provides historical context and details of the examination of the preserved tissue, confirming it as human heart tissue.

2.   Bolsena Miracle (1263, Italy):

·      Discusses the Eucharistic miracle in Bolsena, Italy, where blood began to stream out of the host at the moment of consecration.

3.   Santarém Miracle (13th century, Portugal):

·      Details the Eucharistic miracle in Santarém, Portugal, involving a host that bled after being stolen for dark purposes.

4.   Additional Eucharistic Miracles:

·      Briefly mentions various Eucharistic miracles around the world, including miracles in Ireland, Avignon, Venezuela, Poland, and India.

Feast of Corpus Christi:

·      Discusses the Feast of Corpus Christi, instituted to commemorate Eucharistic miracles.

Adoration of the Eucharist:

·      Explains the practice of adoration, where a consecrated host is reserved for worship and adoration.

Saints and Eucharistic Miracles:

·      Discusses the experiences of saints like Saint Jean Vianney and Saint Padre Pio during adoration.


·      Shares final thoughts on Eucharistic miracles, the importance of belief, and references Blessed Carlo Acutis, who documented Eucharistic miracles.