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Prayer is a vital part of our Christian daily lives. Not only is prayer vital, but it offers relief from the stress of everyday life. It often shows us the right answers to questions we did not know to ask.

Time in prayer is an important part of being a Catholic, and it looks different for each person. Some pray in the car, in their room before bed, in church, or before meals. Prayer is a time we set aside to recharge our batteries and talk to the Beloved. Let’s give the Lord the best part of each day, whether it be morning, afternoon, or evening. Personally, I find that each morning before the beginning of the day is just the right time.

Here are some ways you can deepen your prayer time day by day, and five suggestions on how to make the most of your prayer time:


1. Ask forgiveness.

When we fall it is best to recognize our fault and ask the Lord for forgiveness. Praying with a clear mind and clear heart can help us communicate more clearly.

2. Give thanks.

The biblical model of talking to God always recognizes first of all that He has already done for us. It’s a great way to start a conversation.

3. Say what you need.

Honesty is the best policy, and that applies in prayer too. Believe it or not, He knows what we need, even before we do. Prayer is essentially a conversation. Give the Lord time to respond. Keep a prayer journal and record your thoughts, prayers, and what you hear the Lord saying.

4. Pray/share with a friend.

Personal prayer is important, but sharing what God is saying to us with another helps to clarify and apply what we learn. The people you surround yourself with can help lift you up, both in prayer and in life.

5. Pray with the Word.

The Scriptures are the Living Word of God. There is no better way to seek the Lord than to pray and study the Bible.  Having a Scripture study guide can take prayer to a deeper level than you imagined. Bible studies are also a great way to deepen prayer. Check out ours today in the products section.


Prayer is the essential part of our faith. We cannot do without it.  If we don’t seek the Lord on a daily basis, we will not know Him, and we will be unable to hear when He speaks. Spend time with the Lover of our Souls each day and be amazed by how clear things become.