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·      Hosts: Lania Spirito and Mary Lou Nemecek

·      Topic: Eucharistic Revival

·      The hosts discuss the concept of Eucharistic Revival and its significance in the Catholic Church.

Understanding Eucharistic Revival

·      Eucharistic Revival is a topic gaining attention in Catholic circles.

·      Many churchgoers may have heard about it in bulletins, publications, or from the pulpit.

·      The hosts aim to clarify what Eucharistic Revival means and why it matters.

Exploring the Term “Revival”

·      The hosts share their initial impressions of the term “Eucharistic Revival.”

·      They emphasize that revival means a restoration to life, suggesting a reawakening of something already present but possibly forgotten or undervalued in the faith.

Conversion and the Eucharist

·      The hosts discuss how true understanding and desire for the Eucharist come from a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

·      They reference Pope Francis’s use of the term “encounter” to describe this moment of conversion.

·      Mention is made of statistics revealing that a significant number of Catholics view the Eucharist as only a symbol.

Significance of the Eucharist

·      The hosts stress the importance of the Eucharist within the Catholic Church.

·      A quote from St. Padre Pio highlights the centrality of the Eucharist in the Mass.

·      They emphasize that the Eucharist is essential for the Church, and nothing makes sense without it.

Challenges in Modern Church Attendance

·      The hosts compare church attendance in the United States and Europe.

·      They recall a time when fewer people received communion and emphasize the importance of receiving in a state of grace.

·      Changes in fasting practices over time are discussed.

Eucharist as a Who, Not an It

·      The hosts reference the introduction of the Bishop’s document on Eucharistic Revival, which suggests that for many, the Eucharist has become an “it” rather than a “who.”

·      They lament the idea that some people feel entitled to receive communion without understanding its significance.

Cultivating Conversion

·      The hosts discuss the need to foster conversion as a prerequisite for understanding the Eucharist’s importance.

·      They emphasize the importance of encountering Jesus personally and mention adoration as a means of deepening this relationship.

·      The hosts agree that conversion is an ongoing process and a foundation for further spiritual growth.

Spread of the Eucharistic Message

·      The hosts highlight the role of conversion in spreading the message of Eucharistic revival.

·      They emphasize the importance of reaching people in their pre-converted state and the power of example, friendship, and family bonds in evangelization.

·      Conversion should precede catechesis.

Revival as the Spirit of God

·      The hosts explain that revival cannot be institutionalized; it is the work of the Holy Spirit.

·      They emphasize that revival is about the Holy Spirit awakening hearts and minds, leading to transformation.

Biblical Roots of the Eucharist

·      The hosts briefly touch on the Old Testament roots of the Eucharist, including the concepts of sacrifice, the story of Cain and Abel, and the priest-king Melchizedek.

·      They mention the significance of bread and wine in covenantal relationships.


·      The hosts tease future episodes where they will delve deeper into the biblical roots of the Eucharist and practical steps to foster Eucharistic Revival.

·      They emphasize that understanding the Eucharist and fostering conversion are essential components of this important topic.