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Welcome to “Real Living.” I’m Lavinia Spirita, and I’m here with Marilyn Nemechek. In today’s episode, we continue our discussion on Eucharistic revival, delving into its profound meanings and impact on our lives.

Exploring the Article

We discuss a compelling article titled “Eucharistic Revival and the Passions” from the Catholic World Report, authored by a retired Notre Dame professor. The article presents five main topics that shed light on the essence of Eucharistic revival.

1.   Thanksgiving and Humility

·      In a world preoccupied with other matters, we stress the importance of understanding the true nature of the Eucharist and embracing humility to genuinely offer thanksgiving.

2.   Koinonia (Fellowship)

·      We emphasize the role of fellowship in enhancing our understanding of the Eucharist and how communal praise and love of neighbor are interconnected.

3.   Memorial and Anamnesis

·      We discuss the significance of the Eucharist as a memorial, representing the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, and how it transcends chronological time.

4.   Sacrifice and Propitiation

·      Delving into the sacrificial nature of the Eucharist, we highlight its propitiatory role and the need to overcome vices like vain glory and pride.

5.   Mystery and Participation

·      The podcast emphasizes the mystical aspect of the Eucharist, encouraging active participation and surrender to the mystery it embodies.

Embracing Humility and Overcoming Vices

We highlight the need to outgrow vices such as pride and disobedience to truly grasp the profound nature of the Eucharistic experience and its transformative power.


As we conclude, we reflect on the transformative potential of the Eucharistic revival and how our humility can make the Eucharist appear more significant in our lives. We stress the importance of a spiritual battle against vices to truly experience the communion and fellowship the Eucharist offers.

Join us next time as we continue exploring the depths of faith and spirituality on “Real Living.”